Cerdik Kinder Challenge

(via Score100 Apps) 21 Nov 2021, 2pm-3pm

Coordinated by Score100

The Cerdik Kinder Challenge which is coordinated by Score100 is an online assessment aims to gauge preschoolers’ fundamental academic skills and their mastery of application in preparing them for primary school.


1. Identify 6 years old preschooler’s skill development in core subjects:

  • Malay
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science

2. Understand their mastery of knowledge and application in preparing them for primary school.

Steps to Start for Cerdik Kinder Challenge:

Before the event, for mobile or tab user download the app by scanning the following QR Code.
For web user, use following link to enter https://manage.score100.my/
Log in using the pre-registered email and password.
After “Countdown” Timer is 0, click “ENTER” to “START” the challenge.
Upon completion, click ‘SUBMIT”.
Congratulations! Results will be shown on the spot.

1. KPS 2021 Cerdik Kinder Challenge is open to kindergarten students aged 6 years old.

2. This is a digital assessment to understand participants’ language, mathematics and science proficiency. Total number of questions is 60, available in multiple-choice format with each comes in Malay and English language, comprises 4 subjects domains:

  • Malay – 15 questions
  • English – 15 questions
  • Mathematics – 15 questions
  • Science – 15 questions

3. The duration of Challenge will be 60 minutes.

4. Participants must be a registered Score100 user before sign up for the Challenge.

5. Participants are advised to log into Score100 and be familiar with its operating interface before the Challenge with the help of parents.

6. Participants are required to prepare the following on the actual day of Challenge:

  • Laptop/ computer/ tablet/ smartphone
  • Stable internet connection
  • A4 paper (for Mathematics & Science)
  • Stationery

1.Results will be generated in Personal Report format one hour later after the Challenge.

2.Participants with the highest scores will be selected as Top 100 Brilliant Kinder.

Age Group Top 100 Recognition
6 years old

Certificate of Achievement awarded by Private Education Division,  Ministry of Education Malaysia

Score100 Metal Badge


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