Storytelling Competition

Storytelling activity in a language lesson is a wonderful approach to enhance students’ acquisition of language as they practice the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

KPS2021 Storytelling Competition is organised to showcase students’ talents, build confidence and sharpen their communication skills.


  • To showcase talent and creativity and boost students’ confidence.
  • To encourage students to read and appreciate literature.
  • To inculcate competitiveness and boost self-esteem among students.
  • To sharpen students’ language skills; i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

1.  KPS 2021 Storytelling Competition is open to kindergarten students aged 5 and 6 years old.

2. There are two (2) categories in this competition;

i)Malay Language category and

ii)English Language category.

3. Submission is made via digital video submission/upload to the KPS Portal before 14 November 2021, 11.59pm (extended). The video must be recorded in AVI atau MP4 format, the layout must be horizontal with 1080P/720P resolutions. The duration of each video must be within six (6) to seven (7) minutes.

4. This is a free title/theme competition. The stories should be chosen from the following sources:

i) Story books from the open market;

ii) Stories from magazines and other mass media;

iii) Stories from electronic/internet; or

iv) Original

5. The entries will be judged based on aspects like clarity of voice, style and quality of the video.

6. All digital videos submitted will become the property of the oganiser. The organiser reserves the rights to publish the recordings of the videos in any platform for the purpose of promotion and education purposes.

Quality of the Story

i) The content of the story should contain positive message and moral values and do not touch on political issues, any religion and insult to any leader.

ii) Music and sound effects during the storytelling are not allowed.

iii)  Reading from the texts or any form of sources  is strictly not allowed during the competition.

Note: The use of costume and props is encouraged but will not contribute additional marks.

 Performance and Creativity   25 marks
 Language and Pronunciation   25 marks
 Mood    20 marks
 Message and values    15 marks
 Plot/development of the story   15 marks
 Total Score:    100 marks

1.All entries will be put to public vote until 17 November 2021, 11.59pm.

2.The entries with most votes will be selected as Top 30 finalists.

3.Top 10 finalists will then be presented to panel judges to determine the Top 3 winners.

Age Group Malay Language English Language Recognition
Top 30 Top 3 Top 30 Top 3
5 & 6 years old ✓  

Certificate of Achievement awarded by Private Education Division,  Ministry of Education Malaysia


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