Media Partnership

Join Us in Promoting VEExpo Awareness

Media Partnership

Help us spread VEExpo awareness across Malaysia

We are on the look-out for media companies that are interested in partnering with our Expo to promote nationwide marketing awareness in general and generate ‘buzz’ for all parties involved. A partnership with VEExpo will further the reach of your publication, giving you access to our exhibitors through a range of pre, during and post-event branding opportunities, as well as providing you a captive audience to drive your membership and subscription campaigns.

Media partners are important to us to amplify the nationwide media coverage of the Expo to a maximum reach to the many who needs help, encourage greater participation and enable them to reap benefits from it.


  1. One (1) Exhibition Booth will be provided for participating media(s) for promote their membership and subscription packages.
  2. Logo of the media(s) will be listed on the partnership board.