Helga wants to be a doctor when she grows up

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A medical degree can be frightfully expensive, but once they get to practice their profession, it is all worth it because of the salary. Doctors can save lives and help people during emergency cases. The only problem is that since there are only few people who are willing to have a degree in medicine, their work hours are sometimes unlimited. They are often on call especially during emergency situations. There are some doctors who have chosen to work in rural areas and serve the poor people, while others choose to serve families in the urban area because they can get higher compensation in those places.

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Doctors are extremely valuable not only because they can cure sick people, but the way how they save lives is a critical factor in their profession. There are even times wherein they cannot rest due to emergency situations because they need to be with their sick patients. It is not easy for some people to achieve the status of being a doctor because they need to spend 8 years in school, 4 years in college level and the other 4 years in a medical school. After that, they still need to undergo a residency program or service to enhance their knowledge in medicine.

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